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Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Policies

Personal Umbrella Insurance Policies

Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Overview

Protecting Personal Property for 60+ Years. If you have been listening to the news in the past few years, you have come to the realization that today’s liability awards in our courts have gone up dramatically from those of the past. Your might find that your plans for proper insurance protection in case of a liability suit might not do the job to pay today’s awards. This is okay if your evaluation of your insurance coverage happens prior to a liability suit due to an auto accident or an injury at your premises. The problem is, however, if you find out that you are underinsured after the fact.

Wouldn’t you feel better if you had extra protection under an umbrella policy that will cover, on an excess basis, your premises liability, auto liability, boat liability and personal liability. An umbrella liability policy can add one to five million dollars of extra protection to your present policies at a cost that is remarkably low.

If you have at least your home and auto insurance policies with one company you could qualify for such protection from that company! It is easy to qualify.

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