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When you own a home, it makes sense to have a policy that covers damage to the structure of the building itself, as well as to any belongings you have inside, and liability for injuries that occur on the property. Most mortgage companies will require you to have this type of coverage before they will lend you money to buy a home. But what if you own a condo? That is when you need to speak with a condominium insurance agency in Brooklyn.

Generally, condo complexes will carry an insurance policy for the structure of the building itself and liability for incidents that occur in common areas like hallways and swimming pools. These are sometimes called “master policies” or HOA insurance. You may think that your building’s master policy will cover you just like a regular homeowners’ policy, but that is not the case. That coverage usually ends at the threshold of your unit’s door. If you want to protect your belongings and protect yourself from liability for incidents that occur inside your condo, you will need a separate condominium insurance policy.

What Can Condo Insurance Cover?

Differences between HOA Insurance and Condo Insurance

As we mentioned earlier, your building’s master policy or HOA policy will cover the building itself, as well as any common areas. Depending on whether or not your building has a “bare walls” policy or an “all-in” policy, you may be responsible for repairs to fixtures within your unit. Your building’s master policy also does not cover anything that happens within the walls of your unit. If you want to protect your personal property and cover your personal liability, a good condominium insurance policy can ensure you are covered.

Lincoln Brokerage has been a trusted insurance agency since 1932, and we have been a condominium insurance broker as long as condos have existed in Brooklyn. If you need condominium insurance of any type, including commercial insurance coverage, we can help you find the right coverage for you. We have been a Brooklyn condominium insurance agency for nearly 100 years, and now we want to serve you. Call our team today to find coverage from all the best condominium insurance companies in the marketplace.

At Lincoln Brokerage, we have been a top condominium insurance broker in Brooklyn ever since this community built or converted its first condo buildings. In that time, we have become experts in both residential and commercial condominium insurance coverage, so you can trust us to help you obtain the best policy for your situation. As an independent insurance broker, we work with all the top condominium insurance companies in the marketplace to get you thorough coverage that fits into your budget. If you need condominium insurance coverage in Brooklyn, get in touch with our team today by calling (718) 836-1100, by sending an email to, or by filling out the online form.

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