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Protecting Brooklyn Families Since 1932

Not many insurance agencies can boast about a history that goes back over 100 years. Our insurance history in Brooklyn dates back to 1932. The current owners grew up in Brooklyn, went to school in Brooklyn and continue the insurance legacy with an office right in the heart of Bay Ridge.

Our staff lives in the neighborhood or grew up in Brooklyn - We know Brooklyn and strive to help our neighbors and community. We don’t just say we are neighbors - We are.

We are very proud of our online presence and our quote request process. We get numerous requests for quotes everyday and each one gets reviewed by an owner of the firm and then assigned to the agent best suited to handle that account.

We have found, over the years, that working directly with an agent produces the most comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing. You can try and do it yourself by why would you want to? You may have questions, or a scenario you want to run by us, or concerns about prior experiences with other insurance companies. The advantages of speaking with an insurance brokerage like Lincoln Brokerage are our insurance agents - Their customer service and their industry knowledge are phenomenal. It’s not your job to know the ins-and-outs of homeowners insurance - It’s ours!

Why Do I Need Homeowners Insurance Coverage?

Protecting your loved ones that live with you goes without saying…

Your home is typically your most valuable tangible asset. You have invested an incredible amount of money to purchase your home and to

Who Should Carry a Homeowners Insurance Policy?

If you own a single family home, rent an apartment or house, or own a co-op/ condo, then you should have a homeowners insurance policy. While we tend to think of a ‘house’ needing a homeowners policy, wherever you live is your home and needs a homeowners insurance policy.

For rentals we may use the term ‘renters insurance’ or for a co-op and condo we may refer to different policy terms but they are in essence all homeowners insurance policies. You need to protect your home with a policy that addresses your needs and fits your budget. While a mortgage is the typical trigger when we talk about ‘requiring’ a homeowners policy, if you live there and don’t have coverage right now, then contact us because you should be carrying a homeowners insurance policy.

What can be Covered With Homeowners Insurance?

Understanding Your Coverage Options:

There are a lot of things that we take  into consideration when planning a customized insurance policy. From Cost of Structure to the neighborhood you live in,  we look at the necessary needs of your unique situation and assess possible gaps to better connect you with a policy and carrier that fits your needs.

You can’t get through a day without hearing or seeing an ad for an insurance company.  They talk about saving you time and throw out a theoretical savings percentage. The messages are the same all over the country and they each claim the same thing – Well how can that be possible that they can all save you time and money when clearing one would be less than the other?

You need an insurance professional that understands your coverage needs and can discuss options with you.  We may be able to present you with quotes from multiple carriers but can then discuss the pros and cons of each carrier.   We have had experience dealing with our insurance companies on billing, claims and coverage reviews. We can share our first hand accounts with you so you can make the best coverage decision.

How to Save on Average Annual Homeowners Insurance Costs

Insurance carriers do offer some savings based on the individual homeowner or certain characteristics of your home. Some companies offer multi-policy discounts, or mature resident discounts, or credits for alarm systems. The number one way to save on your Homeowners Insurance is to have it reviewed by a Professional Insurance agent to make sure the coverages fit your needs and exposures, and that you are with the right insurance company for you.

Your home holds countless treasures – your memories, personal belongings, and for many their home is their biggest investment. Let Lincoln Brokerage provide you with insurance advice and get you homeowners insurance coverage you need.

We help you save money where you can, and advise on simple solutions if there are any.
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