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If you own a single-family home, an apartment, or a co-op/condo, then you should have a homeowners insurance policy. While we tend to think of a ‘house’ needing a homeowners policy, wherever you live is your home and needs a homeowners insurance policy.

Getting homeowners insurance in Brooklyn is easy with Lincoln Brokerage

When it comes to protecting your biggest asset — your home — it’s a relief knowing the company that helped you with the insurance coverage is in the neighborhood. Lincoln Brokerage is located in Bay Ridge and has been in Brooklyn for over 100 years.

The insurance brokers helping you with your insurance policy grew up and/or live in the Bay Ridge area. We take a lot of pride in being a local small business.

Our team is here to walk you through your different insurance options. When you’re ready to buy your home, you’ll fully understand what is protected with your insurance coverage.

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What can be covered with Homeowners Insurance?

Understanding Your Coverage Options:

There are a lot of things that we take into consideration when planning a customized insurance policy. From Cost of Structure to the neighborhood you live in, we look at the necessary needs of your unique situation and assess possible gaps to better connect you with a policy and carrier that fits your needs.

You can’t get through a day without hearing or seeing an ad for an insurance company. They talk about saving you time and throw out a theoretical savings percentage. The messages are the same all over the country and they each claim the same thing — well how can that be possible that they can all save you time and money when clearing one would be less than the other?

You need an insurance professional that understands your coverage needs and can discuss options with you. We may be able to present you with quotes from multiple carriers but can then discuss the pros and cons of each carrier. We have had experience dealing with our insurance companies on billing, claims, and coverage reviews. We can share our first-hand accounts with you so you can make the best coverage decision.

Want to make sure your home is properly protected? Speak with one of our insurance advisors about your homeowner insurance.

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