Brooklyn Professional Liability Insurance

You can’t get through a day without hearing or seeing an ad for an insurance company or talking to a home insurance agent. They talk about saving you time and throwing out a theoretical savings percentage. The messages are the same all over the country and they each claim the same thing — well how can that be possible that they can all save you time and money when clearing one would be less than the other?

You need an insurance professional that understands your coverage needs and can discuss options with you. We may be able to present you with quotes from multiple carriers and home insurance agents but can then discuss the pros and cons of each carrier. We have had experience dealing with our insurance companies on billing, claims, and coverage reviews. We can share our first-hand accounts with you so you can make the best coverage decision. Whether you need homeowner insurance in Brooklyn or any other type of coverage for your home, we can help.

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Did You Know This About Professional Liability Insurance?

Mistakes Made by Contractors and Temps

If you use a contractor to build a client’s home, any and all liability still falls squarely on the shoulders of your business. Professional Liability will keep you covered when things go awry from your temps and contracted help.

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The Importance of Professional Liability Insurance

While there are times when things can go wrong in your business, professional liability insurance reduces the amount of financial stress you’ll have to endure in order to keep doing what you love. You want to ensure you have professional liability insurance that protects you whether you are in Brooklyn or Bayridge, NY.

This type of insurance is designed to protect professionals against claims of negligence, errors, and omissions in the work they do, through indemnity or reimbursement for defense costs. Going without professional liability insurance is certainly an option, but will often result in time, money, and resources wasted on legalities that could be better invested in the future of your business, or worse, result in bankruptcy from insolvency.

Whether you are looking for professional liability insurance for accountants or you are considering professional liability insurance as a lawyer, Lincoln Brokerage can help. We help Brooklyn companies and individuals protect themselves with professional liability insurance and find the right coverage for their needs.

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