Brooklyn Business Insurance

In Brooklyn, businesses range from restaurants, retail stores, construction companies, building owners, mom and pop shops, offices — you name it!

From One Business Owner To Another

We are confident that we know how to protect businesses in New York because we also run a successful business in New York with locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

We get what you do because we do it. Payroll, Taxes, Benefits, Staffing, NYC Regulations, Permits, Certificates of Insurance, Leases - Who better to understand your needs than a business that lives and operates in your world.

You are proud of the work you do and we are proud of the work we do for our clients. Let us take care of your insurance needs so that you can better spend your time running your business.

Our Business Helping Your Business

Our licensed insurance staff is locked in with small business owners and they understand what it means to protect your business.

Our professional services are more inline with being insurance advisors because we don’t take insurance requests at face-value. We work to understand your overall risk, and possible gaps in your insurance coverages, when you reach out about a business insurance quote!

Importance of Business Insurance

Have you seen the cost of not having insurance in the case of an accident? When was the last time you checked to see what an attorney charges by the hour? The majority of claims are well into the 6-figure range, so trying to handle them out of pocket isn’t even an option. When it comes to protecting your business we find the best solution in between cost and coverage.

While cost is a factor for any business, we also look to make sure you are adequately protected should your business suffer a claim. Do your limits meet your needs? Do you have enhanced coverage for typical claims that aren’t always covered by a standard policy? When was the last time your insurance broker actually saw your operation? What kind of additional coverage do you have to reimburse you for additional expenses while your current locaiton is being repaired as a result of a covered claim? Do you know your Cyber Liability exposures and do you have insurance to cover it? Did you know that New York State requires mandatory Sexual Harassment training - Do you have Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Your business is important to you and we treat your business as if it were our own.

Types of Business Insurance?

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