What Are the Best Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Families?

Whether you’re relocating for work or it’s been your dream for years, buying in Brooklyn is a trendy move plenty of today’s families are making.

But where do you start your search for the perfect neighborhood? With so many neighborhoods to choose from, it’s easy for families to become overwhelmed with their options.

To help with your search, we put together a list of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families. One of the following options could be the perfect place in Brooklyn for your family to put down new roots.

What to Look for in a Family-Friendly Neighborhood

Before we dive into our list of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families, learn what to look for when searching for a new address. Plenty of factors go into finding the best location, including the following.

School system

It is important to complete extensive research on the school system in a neighborhood you’re considering. Ask the community about their experiences with public and private options. Look into high school graduation rates, college acceptance rates, and what types of extracurriculars are offered. Don’t choose a neighborhood with a school system that limits your children’s future.


What does your family like to do during downtime? How important is a large park or other outdoor space? Is having plenty of shopping options important or do you prefer the quietness of a neighborhood without a bustling shopping scene? Can you not live without waterfront views or do you prefer to take in a skyline of tall buildings? The area immediately surrounding your home should be a space that meets your needs and that you feel comfortable in. Before you select a home, make sure it’s in a neighborhood that has activities and opportunities for everyone in your family to enjoy.

Balanced community

Yes, it’s important to find a community that consists of and supports families. But there’s more to a community than its number of family units. Take the time to explore a neighborhood you’re considering. Are the people friendly? Do you see yourself getting along with potential neighbors? Look for communities that value acceptance and support rather than focusing on how many kids live on each street.


There are some Brooklyn neighborhoods families should avoid. But instead of focusing on the neighborhoods you should stay away from, explore the safety records of the neighborhoods you’re considering. To learn more about a neighborhood’s safety, go here.

5 Best Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Families

To keep your family safe, happy, and in a home they’ll love for years to come, start your home shopping adventure in any of the following Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Park Slope

It’s impossible to pick the best Brooklyn neighborhood for families, but Park Slope is a definite contender. Known for its wide green spaces and overflow of strollers, Park Slope is a utopia for families in Brooklyn.

While it’s not known for its overly affordable pricing, Park Slope possesses a strong sense of community that’s difficult to duplicate elsewhere. This neighborhood is also known for its excellent schools, playgrounds, and kid-friendly dining options.

On school days, parents can enjoy the area’s coffee bars and retail shops. When the weekend comes around, the area’s local museums and other cultural highlights are great for family outings.

Carroll Gardens

Known for its Italian history, Carroll Gardens has been a Brooklyn haven for families for generations. One thing to note about Carroll Gardens is that its median home prices and rent averages are much higher than other Brooklyn neighborhoods. But as the borough becomes more sought-out by families, Carroll Gardens’ prices are beginning to even out.

Should you choose to buy a home in Carroll Gardens, it will most likely be a brownstone with plenty of character and history. With a population of just over 22,000 people, the local economy and business district is healthy. Families can enjoy plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks while parents can explore nightlife attractions for date nights. Parents also love that the public schools in Carroll Gardens all score above the national average and there are several private schools to consider as well.

Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill is one of the top destinations for families looking to reside in Brooklyn. It has a small population of just over 10,000, making it tough to get into. But families who can secure a piece of this historic neighborhood to call home always fall in love.

Cobble Hill is situated just south of downtown Brooklyn, giving families access to all the favorite attractions without the noise and city hustle. Cobble Hill is often described as a vintage Brooklyn with modern amenities, including trendy shops. While it’s a bit of a trek to Upper Manhattan, the close-knit community of Cobble Hill makes it an inviting place to call home.


If you’re looking for a Brooklyn family-friendly neighborhood that’s also close to Manhattan, Williamsburg is a great option. The population is uniquely diverse, so while there are plenty of activities and space for families, there’s an active nightlife scene as well full of young professionals and foodies.

Whether you’re looking for a high-rise unit or a more traditional row home, Williamsburg has a mix of old and new developments. With plenty of parks, a great school system, and world-famous Smorgasburg, Williamsburg is sure to remain a top family-friendly Brooklyn neighborhood for years to come.

Bay Ridge

With green spaces, a rich history, and plenty of waterfront to explore, Bay Ridge is great for outdoor enthusiastic families looking to call Brooklyn home. Owl’s Head Park is a local favorite spot, along with Shore Road Park. There are plenty of small playgrounds tucked between homes and businesses throughout the neighborhood as well.

Residents love the small-town feel Bay Ridge offers without compromising on modern amenities, including boutiques, large chain stores, and plenty of restaurants. Compared to other family-friendly spots, Bay Ridge is more affordable as well.

There are plenty of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families to choose from. Once you find the perfect piece of Brooklyn to call home, make sure to protect your investment with either homeowners or renters insurance.

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