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Court and Commercial Surety Bonds

Court and Commercial Surety Bonds

Court & Commercial Surety Bonds Overview

From routine to complex! Court & Commercial Surety is comprised of a wide spectrum of products. From the small compliance license bond to the complex surety obligations of a large contractor, we understand your needs and have the product to execute it for you in a timely and efficient manner. 

The coverage under our Court & Commercial Surety program is broad in scope. Here are some of the highlights of the major risk classifications we cover:

  • License & Permit – Guarantees businesses will comply with laws and regulations. Some examples are: Auctioneers; Contractor’s License; Detective; Highway Permit; Insurance Broker; Liquor; and Motor Vehicle.
  • Fiduciary/Probate – Guarantees the good faith actions of our court designees in handling estates. Administrator, Conservator, Executor, Guardian and Trustee represent some of the bonds in this category.
  • Court/Judicial – Guarantees awards or compliance with court rulings. Appeal, Attachment, Cost, Receiver, Injunction, and Replevin bonds all fall into this area.
  • Public Official – Guarantees faithful and honest performance of duties. Clerk, Deputy, Notary Public, Town Supervisor, and Sheriff are some bonds found in this group.
  • Other Miscellaneous – Contract Postal Unit, FHA Loan Closing Attorney and Lost Instrument are samples of bonds that protect consumers from many forms of agreements or contracts.

Lincoln Brokerage will underwrite your bond with only the most reputable and financially sound of the surety carriers to provide with Competitive Rates, Excellent Service, and a simple Application Process.

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