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Commercial Auto Insurance – New York & New Jersey

Commercial Auto Insurance - New York & New Jersey

Commercial Auto Insurance Overview

From one vehicle to a fleet! Businesses vary in size; so does the number of vehicles to be insured. Regardless of the size of your fleet, whether it’s as few as one or numbers in the hundreds, whether it consists of a sales operation or a delivery fleet, you need responsive commercial auto insurance coverage. Your requirements, just like the size of your operation, are different from everybody else’s. You need individual attention.

That’s where Lincoln Brokerage Corp and its partnership with select group of national and regional insurance carriers come in. Our Commercial Auto Policies, in addition to basic coverages, can be customized to match your every specification.

Some vehicle types we cover are: commercial vans, pick-up trucks, company owned private passenger cars, tow trucks, flatbed trucks, medium and heavy duty trucks, and mobile equipment.

Our services can help you improve your loss record, or, in case of an accident, help you get your claims paid promptly and equitably.

Our Commercial Auto Insurance Program is comprised of two major coverages: liability & physical damage.

Liability Coverage includes:

  • Bodily Injury – protects you of you are legally responsible for injuring another person in an accident.
  • Property Damage – covers you if you damage the property of others because of an accident.
  • Medical Payments – pays medical costs. Also applies to costs associated with providing immediate first aid.
  • Uninsured Motorists – responds to accidents caused by a driver who does not have insurance, including hit-and-run accidents.
  • Underinsured Motorists – responds to accidents caused by a driver with inadequate insurance.
  • No-Fault Coverage/Personal Injury Protection – pays medical expenses, loss of earnings, and rehabilitation expenses for injured drivers, regardless of who is at fault.

Physical Damage Coverage includes:

  • Collision – pays for damage to covered auto caused by contact with another vehicle or object, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Other than Collision – pays for repairs of damage caused to covered auto by an occurrence other than collision (i.e., fire theft, vandalism, or glass breakage).

Optional coverages available are:

  • Drive Other Car – provides coverage for specific key employees while using autos they hire or borrow on their own.
  • Hired Auto – provides primary or excess coverage for autos hired or borrowed from others.
  • Electronic Equipment – covers permanently installed audio, visual, or data signaling devices.
  • Non-Ownership Liability – covers you for use of autos by your employees or your agents for autos not owned by you.
  • Rental Reimbursement – pays expenses incurred by you for the rental of an auto because of a loss to a covered auto.
  • Tapes, Records, and Discs – pays for loss of sound media used with equipment installed in a covered auto.
  • Towing and Labor – covers costs incurred each time a private passenger auto or light truck is disabled, including labor performed at place of disablement.

Loss Control:

Our Insurance Carriers highly-skilled Loss Control representatives can help you evaluate and gain greater control of your operation’s efficiency and safety record.

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